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Transforming User Experience for eCommerce Success

Custom Storefront Design & Development for Headless eCommerce

In the vast world of online shopping, where every click and every second counts, the success of your eCommerce venture depends on a fundamental pillar: User Experience.

Did you know that almost half of your potential customers will leave your page if it doesn’t load in just two seconds? In today’s rapidly evolving digital age, the need for instant gratification is not just a desire, it’s expectation.

At TeaCode, we understand the critical role User Experience plays in shaping your online presence. We are not just software developers; we are engagement architects, brand experience builders and digital success engineers.

What can we do for you?
What can we do for you?

Boost Your Sales with

Captivating Design

Experience a surge in sales with our stunning design solutions.

We create visually captivating interfaces with an extraordinary user experience that not only please your customers but also guide them seamlessly through their purchase journey.

Lightning-Fast Loading

Stop losing customers due to slow performance. Ultrafast loading solutions ensure your website not only retains visitors but keeps them engaged, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Aim for a perfect 100 in Lighthouse and witness a boost in customer satisfaction.

SEO Optimisation

Elevate your online visibility and attract new clients effortlessly.

Our SEO optimisation ensures your website ranks higher in organic search results, making it easier for potential customers to discover and choose you. Let search engines like Google favor your user-friendly pages that load seamlessly.

Conversion Solutions

Turn your visitors into customers.

Our comprehensive approach focuses on optimising every aspect of your online store for conversions. From persuasive call-to-actions to strategically placed elements, we guide your visitors toward making a purchase, turning browsing into buying.

By choosing React.js, Next.js or Hydrogen for your storefront development, you can access thousands of specialists worldwide.

Craft Your Digital Storefront's Success with Our Expertise

We are masters of React.js, Next.js, & Hydrogen Development, dedicated to achieving your business goals.
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Embarking on the Custom Storefront

Design & Development Journey:

From Ideation to Interface

At the heart of our commitment to crafting exceptional custom storefronts for headless e-commerce is a meticulous process tailored to elevate your digital presence.


The journey begins with an immersive discovery phase and consultation, where we delve deep into your brand, audience, and objectives. This initial stage establishes the groundwork, ensuring that every subsequent step aligns seamlessly with your business goals.

Design and Development

With insights in hand, our experts transition into the phase of user-centric design blueprinting. This is where the essence of your brand comes to life through wireframes and prototypes.

At the same time, we embrace agile development sprints, translating approved designs into a robust and scalable custom storefront. Our proficiency in technologies like React.js, Next.js, and Hydrogen ensures your storefront is not just a visual delight but a technological marvel.


As your storefront takes shape, we gather valuable feedback to refine the user experience continually. Simultaneously, SEO optimization integration ensures your storefront is not just beautiful but strategically positioned for search engine success.

The final stages encompass a smooth deployment with minimal downtime, guaranteeing uninterrupted service for your customers.

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Working with Us Is an Investment

Our dedication involves pushing limits, questioning conventions, and consistently delivering excellence. Dive into a partnership where your goals are our benchmarks, where every obstacle is faced with resolve, and where your success narrative becomes part of our legacy.

We don’t just create solutions; we craft immersive experiences.

eCommerce solutions

With a step-by-step, flexible and agile approach, we deliver solution tailored to your business for your app’s success and your company’s growth.

Consultative and proactive approach

Gain advantage from our dedicated, proactive and consultative approach that challenges the status quo for the best result.


We keep the communication fast and open for seamless collaboration, deeper understanding of your objectives and better adaptation to your company.


years on the market







An e-commerce portal with a visual house configurator

A web app with a furniture and textile catalogue

A startup's web app for mapping visited countries and ones to visit

An e-commerce portal with a visual house configurator

A web app with a furniture and textile catalogue

A startup's web app for mapping visited countries and ones to visit

Why is it worth working with us?

Frequently Asked Questions

A headless e-commerce storefront refers to the separation of the front-end presentation layer (the “head”) from the back-end functionality. In this approach, the user interface is separated from the core e-commerce platform, allowing for more flexibility and customisation in design and user experience.

A custom storefront ensures a unique and tailored user experience that aligns perfectly with your brand identity. It allows for personalized designs, improved user engagement, and better representation of your products or services, ultimately enhancing your online presence and customer satisfaction.

A custom storefront can optimise the user journey, making it more intuitive and enjoyable for visitors. This enhanced user experience can lead to increased conversions, reduced bounce rates, and improved customer loyalty, all contributing to higher online sales.

Yes, custom storefronts are designed to be flexible and can often be integrated with various e-commerce platforms. The level of integration depends on your specific requirements and the compatibility of the platforms involved.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is crucial for improving your online visibility. A well-designed custom storefront takes SEO best practices into account, ensuring that your website is optimised for search engines and has a higher chance of ranking well in organic search results.

The timeline for custom storefront development varies based on the complexity of your requirements. A detailed analysis, design, and development process is typically undertaken to ensure a robust and tailored solution. Timelines can range from weeks to months, depending on the project scope.

We offer ongoing support and maintenance services post-launch. This includes monitoring for performance, security updates, and the option to implement additional features or enhancements as your business evolves.

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