Plan your go-to-market strategy and digital media existence with our marketing experts

Prepare your company for the app launch and build processes plan activities allocate resources to spread the news about your app to the world.

Plan your go-to-market strategy and digital media existence with our marketing experts

Prepare your company for the app launch and build processes plan activities allocate resources to spread the news about your app to the world.


Digital marketing for your app

Putting effort into software development, it’s easy to forget about planning the marketing thing. We know that, and we’re here to help you with your go-to-market strategy and further marketing activities.

Properly planned marketing campaigns are essential for companies of every size, especially startups. It’s crucial to start acting before launching the app to build a database of potential customers and be prepared to serve them properly.

In many cases or industries, it’s worth implementing a marketing automation strategy, but it’s way too late if you start to build it after the app is launched.

We know not only how to build the app but also how to make it well-known among target users.

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Best marketing practices

A well-planned marketing strategy is

Based on knowledge about your end-users

Measurable (KPIs)

Focused on channels where your end-users are

Adjusted to your users’ characteristics and preferences

Rational and emotional – no one is always sensible

Focused on building your unique brand

Highly tangled with sales strategy

Supported by developers (to react immediately if needed)

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How can a well-planned marketing strategy boost your business?

There’s more than certain that you won’t reach your goals without a marketing strategy. The times when many decision makers thought that a good product would sell itself with no marketing support are long gone. Now, when we are flooded with multiple pieces of communication, it’s not easy to be heard and remembered.

Without a good marketing strategy, you may build the best app ever and still don’t hold enough users to drive a profitable business simply because no one knows about it.

Marketing is about providing people with information about what they can use, how and – the most important – why. It’s the ultimate goal of your marketing activities – persuade people they will solve their problems or reach their goals using your app.

And then fulfilling this promise (that’s why you need the best app ever).

Defining personas, conducting market and competitors research, conceptualizing user stories and even designing and defining a future roadmap are inscribed in marketing strategy planning. All those are inevitable steps to get to know your end-users and provide them with appropriate content inside and outside the app.

It’s an MVP thing. You can save money on development if you check the market opportunities using simple methods (like movies or landing pages). First, you can check whether your app will attract end users. That’s the most crucial question. But you can also gather feedback to find out what functionalities the app should have, how should it look and so on. It’s all about marketing and marketing research.

Adequately planned activities will help you become a recognizable and awaited brand when the app is launched. You can build awareness long before you’ll have your app built and gain customers on the premiere day. Having a lead database, you may reach assumed ROI quicker.

If you plan your activities wisely and have some time, you can conquer the market with a minimum level of investment. Thanks to SEO, you can build a simple website that will tell people about your app and gain organic traffic. You can conduct word-of-mouth marketing to spread the news about your app to the world and make some guest-posting. With such a background, you won’t need to spend much money on paid ads.

Do you really need a digital marketing strategy?

No, if you don’t have to earn money. At least not in a short time. How long your company is capable of operating without any income? If months or years, you probably can put the marketing strategy aside.

But, on the other hand, if you have enough money to run the company with no revenue, you have money to invest in marketing. Think about what you could get if you invest…

Life is probably more challenging, and you don’t have that much money to spend and need some earnings as soon as possible. This is why it’s worth acting earlier – having a grand launch instead of waiting for every single user to sign up.

Still not convinced? Let’s talk about your doubts, or you can read about why digital marketing strategy for software is crucial for your business.

Startups and small businesses
You know how hard it is to make a name for yourself. You probably won’t gain an advantage from branding and need well-planned and cost-effective activities to attract users within a tight budget. We can help you do it right.
Enterprise and middle-sized companies
You probably have a well-recognized brand (at least in some circles). Your app is perhaps long-awaited, and you don’t need wide-ranging activities to succeed. However, you have different worries. How to encourage them to use the app? How to provide users with the best experience? How should you measure their sentiment and improve the app? We are here to support you throughout the process.
Marketing team extension
Our marketing experts can join your team to help you prepare a marketing strategy and guide the activities in the right direction. Our Marketing Lead will supervise the strategy’s execution to ensure your business grows as planned.

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Here's why you can rely on us

Digital marketing experts

Your digital activities are planned and executed by our experienced marketing team. You can consult your ideas and prepare a 360° marketing strategy with our Marketing Lead, who will supervise its execution.

We know everything about apps

Our marketing team cooperates closely with our clients and developers, so they know the niche inside out. They have many years of experience in the software marketing field, so you know your app and business are in good hands.

Continuous improvement of competences

We take care of our marketing team’s skills and knowledge by investing in their training, just like we do in the case of our developers. We know how crucial it is to be up to date with technology novelties, tools and marketing trends.

Measure the KPIs

We believe in numbers. For that reason, all our activities are measurable and verifiable. Although marketing is some art and social science, there’s always a way to gauge whether we’re going in a good direction.

A/B testing

Whatever we do, there’s always about being better. Everything can be improved: user experience, CTAs and marketing campaigns. We won’t stop enhancing your marketing strategy and activities just because they are good. They might be better.

Act where your target group is

We are practitioners, not theorists. We won’t tell you to conduct Facebook campaigns just because everyone does. We’ll check where your target audience is and recommend only those digital channels capable of providing ROI.


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The go-to-market strategy is your plan for how to reach the target group and let them know about your app. It specifies which mediums you’ll use and how to communicate the value. It defines your branding details and the monetization model of the app. It would be best if you also planned the appropriate support for your end-users.

Without a well-planned strategy, you probably will act chaotically and lose many potential clients.

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      Your data is processed by TeaCode (Postępu 15, 7th floor, 02-676 Warsaw) to reply to your message and - if specified - to send you relevant content via newsletter (from which you can unsubscribe at any time). You can read more in our Privacy Policy.

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