Front-end development is about creating stunning interfaces for various devices

Develop your app with our experienced skilled team of experts.

Front-end development is about creating stunning interfaces for various devices

Develop your app with our experienced skilled team of experts.


Front-end development

Front-end is the part that end-users interact with. Before starting front-end development, you need a well-thought design and high-fidelity mockups. It’s crucial how those are designed because a user experience depends on it. Developers themselves won’t be able to develop the app properly. Having mockups, a front-end developer starts to code to bring the app to life.

Design possibilities are unlimited, but you need a skilled developer to manage to implement them. The one who makes the app interactive, light and lightning-fast. To make that happen, you need to choose the best technologies available – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework.

Start with the design, and then let the proficient developer code your app.

You can always count on us. Our designer will visualise it, and developers will build it properly.

Are you ready to build the face of your app?

Front-end development defines whether users will use it or not. Even if an app has useful features, unintuitive and poorly-designed won’t attract or retain users. Without users, you won’t reach your goal. Your business success depends on the front-end.

You have to ensure that the team you choose will contribute to app development and create the best solution possible – including design and coding.

There is no room for mischoosing.

Let’s meet and get to know each other so you can check that it’s worth trusting us.

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The perfect front-end solution is


End-users are the harshest critics, and the app must be designed for them.


Users must navigate easily and find everything they need with no dead ends.


The app must interact quickly with no delays so the users won’t wait.


The app must be able to update only necessary data without updating the whole page.


The app must be straightforward; it mustn’t be overloaded with moving elements.

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How can a well-developed front-end affect your business?

Although people look for apps because of their functionality, they keep using them because of how they look. You must adjust your app to the target audience. If not, it probably won’t gain customers.

Users are looking for clear, intuitive apps that allow them to do what they need quickly. If at least a few apps are available on the market, they will choose the one that fulfils their needs and is well-designed. Make sure your app is appropriate for your particular target group.

If you attract end-users, you can increase your income. If you earn money on adverts, the more users, the more attractive your service is to potential advertisers. If you sell products or services in your app (mobile or web), an increased number of users may bring you more transactions or contracts signed.

Your app is the best and probably the only place where you have full control over the content you serve to your users. The well-designed app provides you opportunities for communication with clients using dedicated sections or attractive gated content (what is especially important in the B2B segment).

Not sure whether you need to develop a front-end from scratch?

It’s easy to figure it out.

If you’re developing a brand new custom app, the front-end is an integrated part of the project, so it’s necessary.

On the other hand, if you are about to use an existing system like WordPress, WooCommerce or Shopify, an already made template might be enough for you. Many of them are well-built, and their advantage is a considerably lower price compared to a custom solution.

However, you may need a visual configurator or custom form (which also requires a backend). In those cases, developing a front-end for the whole website is not necessary. You may just need to add a feature, e.g. estimation form, that can be easily connected to a template-based website and consistently styled by your development team.

Are you still hesitating? Drop us a line, and together we will establish your needs.

Enterprise and middle-sized companies
When a company grows, so grow its needs. There’s no difference whether you need to redevelop the front-end for your internal app or a core product used by thousands of users – the existing app probably is not enough anymore. You probably need to make it more user-friendly or keep up with the newest trends to make your brand associated with modernity. In each case, we are ready to help you enhance your app so you can meet your business goals.
Startups and small businesses
In most cases, startups see the front-end development as a part of the whole app development. As a startup, you will probably start with an MVP product, the smallest app possible that provides the core value to end users. Probably you should find out more about mobile app, web app or MVP development.
Team extension for the support of your development team
If you have a project ongoing and need experienced front-end development experts, our professionals can join your team to speed up the development process or provide the necessary skills.

That’s how we develop front-end software

The whole process from contact to launch (and beyond)

Requirements & estimation

First, we need to understand your project to prepare an accurate estimation.


We'll plan our work, identify possible challenges and ensure there is possible to fulfil all requirements.


We'll design your app, make an interactive prototype and prepare system architecture.


Our developers will bring your app to life, creating a front-end interface and integrating it with the backend.


Quality Assurance Engineers are making sure that the app functions as planned.

Deployment & maintenance

When ready, your app will be launched and maintained. We'll develop additional features if planned.

Need a contractor?

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Here's why you can rely on us

Experienced team

Our team consists of experienced professionals who have already made dozens of battle-tested apps. We know how to develop an app that meets all target group requirements and which end-users love.

Full-cycle development

We can provide you with full-cycle software development, not only front-end development. We can support you with conceptualisation, marketing strategy, UI/UX design, front-end and backend development, launching, maintenance and further development.


We are a partner, and that obligates. We operate transparently and are open to meeting any time you want. That also means you know what we do, when, and how much it costs.


We know that ideas evolve, and so must the development process. We are open to it. Changes may affect the timeline or budget but are an indispensable element of web app development.

Cooperation & contribution

We are a part of the development process. We will help you to choose technology and contribute to developing ideas and solutions to improve the outcome and make the end-user experience even better

Communication first

We believe that communication is one of the success’ key factors. We will be for you if you need an explanation, consultation, or even advice. No matter the time zone.


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What our clients say

Here’s why our clients are delighted with our cooperation

Our main goal is to build tailor-made apps that fulfil all end-users needs. Check what our clients said about how we managed to do that.

Let’s meet and talk about your

front-end needs

Share your front-end needs, and together we will bring the app to life. We will provide a tailor-made, user-friendly, lightning-fast front-end for your backend. Contact us, and together we will develop a front-end so you can reach your business goals and boost your business.

Our clients

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We build apps for various industries



Social media


Communication and Social Networking

Communication & Social Networking

Entertainment & media

Entertainment & media



Finance and banking

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Hospitality & Food









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Front-end development is the process of coding the face of your app. A developer will build every visible part of it based on high-fidelity designs.

Before they start coding, developers need a high-fidelity design provided by a designer. Having this, they can begin their job. The front-end is integrated with the backend and tested by AQ Engineers to ensure it works as planned (and is bugs-free). We launch the app when it’s thoroughly tested and meets all expectations.

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