MVP Development for Startups

Develop your Minimum Viable Product with TeaCode

MVP Development for Startups

60 days to launch Total cost: $29 400

Why you should choose our MVP development offer for startups

MVP defines your success

We know you have great plans and limited funding. We know time is not your allay, and you want to launch your app in no time. We know that because we work with startups on a daily basis and we understand their needs. Your needs.

Initially, you need to invest as little as possible to verify your app idea. For that reason, we’ve created an MVP Rocket Launch offer. It’s probably the best MVP development offer for startups you’ll find on the market. You know how much you will pay and how long it takes to create your Minimum Viable Product.

You may be wondering why did we decide to do that. The answer is simple – we used to be a startup, too. Everyone once was. We know how hard it is to start with no guarantee of success. It’s even more of a challenge for you as you need to make a significant investment to start earning.

Michał Pierzchlewicz

Co-Founder, CEO

Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.

– Peter F. Drucker

Together we will launch your Minimum Viable Product at the lightning speed

MVP Rocket Launch in detail

Benefits of our special MVP development offer for startups

60 days to launch

We will develop your MVP in just 60 days so that you can go with your app to market. The sooner you start, the quicker you validate the idea and generate income. You are about to start your business, but for us, your project is equally prioritised as those of huge companies.

600 hours of MVP development

Development takes time. Time defines the cost. We will guarantee the amount of our time you will get to bring your app to life. If you expect your app requires more time than specified, don’t worry. We can adjust the primary offer to meet all your needs and expectations.

$49 per hour so you can afford

We know you are on a tight budget. Software development is a considerable investment. We want to help you to start and bring your idea to life. We offer you a great rate combined with the best quality product development.

Our experience for your app success

We’ve made dozens of projects, many of them for startups. Working with us, we will familiarise you with our software development secrets. During our cooperation, you can reap the benefits of our experience. We will share our knowledge with you as you were a part of the team. You are, indeed.

Best quality despite the low cost

Over the years, we have gathered lots of knowledge on how to decrease the costs of web or app development without losing its quality. Quality is the ultimate goal, but we know to reach and reduce costs simultaneously.

Define your MVP development needs

Your project is just like a spaceship. This is why you must think about what you need for your startup to launch. We offer you help with:

Mobile app

Web app

Desktop app

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What you will get developing your MVP with us

Your Minimum Viable Product contains

Smoothly working product

The MVP you get will be a high-quality, smoothly working app. We’ll not only make your app but develop ideas as well. We have the one goal: to make an app that succeeds.

Source code

You will receive the source code. It’s yours. We are willing to help you even after we will develop the MVP, but you are free to change the contractor or build it in-house.


All rights

We develop. You own the code. There is no catch. You guarantee that the solution we will create together is unique and won’t be offered to anyone.

Technical documentation

In many cases, documentation is crucial. You will be handed a complete one, so you know how the app works and how it was built.

Designs and wireframes

Everything we do during the development process, including designs and wireframes, belongs to you. You may need them to develop an app in the future.

QA checklist

The testing phase is an inherent part of the development process. You will receive the QA checklist.

Google Play/App Store Launch

We will help you launch the MVP to popular stores so the end-users can find it. We can show you how to do it yourself if you want us to.

Maintenance and development

At this stage, we know your app like no one else, so it’s evident that we are to maintain and develop it after MVP is launched if you want us to.

Go-to-market marketing strategy

We know you have only one shot, so we can share our marketing knowledge with you to help your app succeed.

How do we work

Requirements & estimation

In the beginning, we need a scope of the project...


... to fully understand the project and design the app


Then we will develop your app...


... and test it from the very beginning


When it works smoothly, we will deploy the app and upload it to app stores


We'll take care of maintenance and further development.

Ready to get started MVP development with a reliable MVP development company?


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What our clients say

Here’s why our clients are delighted with our cooperation

Our main goal is to build tailor-made apps that fulfil all end-users needs. Check what our clients said about how we managed to do that.

The offer is limited in time

You can write us a message or arrange a meeting. That does not oblige you to anything. You won’t pay us a penny until we sign the contract.









Our clients

TeaCode is an MVP development company

Here's why you can rely on us

Proficiency in mobile & web technologies

Our development experts can bring to life almost every idea and integrate the app with all solutions available on the market.

Business-oriented approach

Developing an app, we consider software’s impact on your business. We care about your end goal and make efforts to help you reach it. The solution must bring value to your business.

User-experience first

We know user experience is crucial when it comes to mobile app development. Users are more demanding while using their mobile devices than web apps. It must be easy-accessible, excellently planned, and quickly loaded.

High-quality solutions

We put our whole heart, knowledge and experience into what we do. That means we accept only the best solutions possible, with no exceptions. We will develop your solution like it was ours.

Cooperation & contribution

We are a part of the development process. We will help you to choose technology and contribute to developing ideas and solutions to improve the outcome and make the end-user experience even better

Communication first

We believe that communication is one of the success’ key factors. If you need an explanation, consultation, or even advice, we will be for you. No matter of the time zone.

Drop us a line!

We’re ready to talk about your idea to bring it to life. It does not matter whether you have just a vague image of the final app or you’ve perfectly conceptualized it already. Share your idea with us, and together we will bring it to life so you can reach your business goals.

Let’s develop your success!


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Check what we can do for your industry

We build apps for various industries

Social media
Communication and Social Networking
Entertainment & media
Finance and banking



Communication & Social Networking

Entertainment & media


Finance & banking

Hospitality & Food


Hospitality & Food





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One could also call it a Minimal Viable Product Rocket Launch. It is much more self-explanatory this way. In short, this is a development package designed especially for startups. We want to help them with all the stages of app or website creation and assist them until they launch the app to the market.

Afterwards, we offer a support panel – we will be there to help in case of any need. So far, in this stage, we have added different payment methods, authorisations, chatbots, page sections and more.

We created this packet thinking mainly of startups, their CTOs and CEOs. However, if you are not new on the market and believe that this offer suits your needs, then hit us up! We are open to everyone!

However, if you do not want to create a new app or website but, for example, rewrite or redesign it, you can message us as well. We surely will be able to help you.

The regular outsourcing software development prices are usually $50-$55 up. This is why MVP Rocket Launch is such a bargain!
However, if you do not want to create a new app or website but, for example, rewrite or redesign it, you can message us as well. We surely will be able to help you.

During one of the rainy days in the office, we realised that there are so many Startup owners needing proper guidance out there, and we should do something with it. They should be dealt with special care and guided with a great dose of help mixed with experience. We decided to create a special offer for people whose ideas just have been formed or whose products are in the earliest stages of development. However, if you do not want to create a new app or website but, for example, rewrite or redesign it, you can message us as well. We surely will be able to help you.

Of course! We will not leave you nor your project alone in space! We will be there for you offering maintenance of your app or website or further development of additional features if you come across any new ideas.

We are open to all countries of the world. As we specialise in software outsourcing services, we know no boundaries between the countries or continents. So far, we have worked with people from the US, England, Scotland, Norway, RSA, Hungary, etc. We are hoping to enlarge the list to a great extent.

TeaCode is a software company that specialises in mobile development. It was founded in 2017 by Jakub Drynkowski and Michał Pierzchlewicz in Warsaw, Poland.

Most important, we are a reliable team of development experts. Having been on the market for quite some time, we can easily provide our clients with great ways of saving money on some parts of software development while at the same time giving them the best service possible!

We wanted to do what we know and like best – create apps and websites to help startups from all around the globe with their first software development. We aim to be there for the client and focus on communication, targeting weekly sprints and being in constant touch with the customer. By 2022 we have grown our team to 32 great developers and professionals who constantly make sure to be up to date with tech novelties. We have also broadened our offer, and now we also take care of the Internet of Things (IoT), AI and machine learning-based projects.

Do you already have an idea for an app or website? If so, this is all you need to ‘get ready’ for our MVP Rocket Launch. We will help you and guide you through all the rest.

Let us lead you through all the three stages of Minimal Viable Product Rocket Launch and show you that deploying your first app or website is not that difficult.

If you need an MVP, sure you can!

Expand your business with the trustworthy partner

Choosing a software developer is crucial – your company’s success depends on it. Do not believe in words – believe in people. Let’s meet and join forces to develop your success story.

We gained the trust of our clients. Let us earn yours.

Let’s bring your idea to life.

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      Your data is processed by TeaCode (Nowoursynowska 143B, 02-776 Warsaw) to reply to your message and - if specified - to send you relevant content via newsletter (from which you can unsubscribe at any time). You can read more in our Privacy Policy.

      Prefer to talk?

      Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.

      Peter F. Drucker