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At TeaCode, we turn ideas into market-winning digital products

Why TeaCode?
Why TeaCode?

Shared Dream in Reality

In 2017, the roots of Teacode were planted, and since then, our journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. The inception of Teacode emanated from the collective vision of three friends, bound by a shared love for coding and a dream to create something exceptional.

Picture this: in the early days, these coding enthusiasts found themselves immersed in development challenges, all while sipping on ice tea. The combination of camaraderie, problem-solving, and the refreshing sip of tea became the hallmark of our beginnings.

When the time came to christen our venture, there was no debate – TeaCode emerged as the natural and symbolic choice. It encapsulated the essence of those early moments and the fusion of creativity and dedication.

Fast forward from those humble beginnings, and Teacode has not only grown in size but has also retained the essence of its inception – a tight-knit community of people who find joy in the artistry of coding.

What matters?
What matters?

Our Mission and Values

At Teacode, we go beyond being a company – we are a thriving community driven by shared values and a collective passion for excellence.

Outstanding Team

We believe in the strength of a team of experts capable of tackling any challenge. Our commitment to excellence begins with the caliber of our people.

Teacode is not just a company but highly-motivated people driven by passion for new technologies.


Every client is an integral part of our team. Collaboration, transparency, and shared goals define our partnerships, ensuring success beyond expectations.

We constantly expand our knowledge and sharing it with clients . It empowers both, our team and our partners, creating collaborative solutions informed by industry insights.

Project Commitment

We want to contribute to the final product development to drive its success. We want to be a partner who helps develop the best solution possible rather than do what is said to do. We care about our clients’ businesses. We want to help them grow.

Every project, whether small or giant, is treated with equal importance. Attention to detail ensures outstanding results, irrespective of scale.

Pride and Dedication

From the very beginning, we have had one main goal – to do things that matter . We want to do projects that mean something, affect our everyday life and make our world a better place to live in.

Our work isn’t a task; it’s a manifestation of our wholehearted dedication, ensuring excellence and transformative experiences in every project.

Taking pride in what we deliver goes beyond meeting expectations; it’s about consistently surpassing them. Our clients’ successes is indeed our success.

What we claim?
What we claim?

We Develop the Future

We don’t just provide services – we forge lasting partnerships. Our aim is to be the premier choice for businesses across America and Europe. Guided by this aspiration, we have a steadfast commitment to supporting you at every stage of your journey.

We are here to support our clients during the journey from idea to fully-working product (and beyond, through going to market and further maintenance and development). Every project is equally important to us, and we do our best to make them successful. Our clients’ business outcomes are equally important to us as our own.

Michał Pierzchlewicz

Founder & CTO

How will we work together?
How will we work together?

Software Development Process

Check what the software development process by TeaCode looks like, and what you can expect from the first contact, till further development.

Requirements & estimation

First, we need to understand your project to prepare an accurate estimation.


We'll plan our work, identify possible challenges and ensure there is possible to fulfil all requirements.


We'll design your app, make an interactive prototype and prepare system architecture.


Our developers will bring your app to life, creating front-end and backend.


Quality Assurance Engineers are making sure that the app functions as planned.

Deployment & maintenance

When ready, your app will be launched and maintained. We'll develop additional features if planned.

What do our customers think?
What do our customers think?

Expand your business with the trustworthy partner

We gained the trust of our clients.

Let us earn yours.