How To Hire a Developer For Your Project?

How To Hire a Developer For Your Project?

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  1. First, plan your project.
  2. Developer or a team?
  3. Developer’s location
  4. Where to search for software developers?

Do you have a wonderful idea for an app? Or maybe you find yourself in need of a new beautiful website to fuel your business? You will need a good, reliable and skilled developer or maybe a team of them if your project is more advanced. But how to find someone who will help your dreams come true and won’t make you spend all the world’s money?

At first, plan your project.

Let’s imagine you want to create an online store. From the technical side, you are going to need:

  • database with all of your products,
  • API —a brain of your app — that is a mechanism to communicate your app with the database, for example when a user clicks ‘buy’ button, your app will send a request to API to change the number of available items in the database,
  • app’s front-end — so, finally, what your users will see.

Before hiring anyone spend some time to write down all the functionalities you want in your app. When you already got this think about the user interface designs. It is important to have a simple in use and intuitive app, so design it wisely as it can increase the effectiveness of your site even up to multiple times.

Developer or a team?

A question if one developer is enough for your idea or you will need a whole team is usually not the matter of how big or complicated is your project but how quickly you want to do it.

Separate front-end from the back-end.

In this option, you hire one freelancer to code the back-end and another one to do the front-end. These things can be separated and such a solution gives you potentially lower prices per hour and enables quite fast development. On the other hand integration with API is a very important part of front development, so it might be easier if your front-end developer has a better understanding of what is going on in API.

Full-stack developer

If you are not in a great hurry think about hiring just one full-stack freelancer. A full-stack developer is a qualified person, who can code both parts of your app — front-end and back-end. They will probably charge you more per hour but will have better control over the project. Moreover, coding should go relatively faster and you will need to explain your ideas only once.

An agency

This option gives you probably the biggest amount of advantages. Many people are working on your project, they know each other for a long time, they can easily communicate and share the coding patterns. As a result, coding should go fast and smooth. You won’t have to worry about organizing the work as the agency will provide you with a qualified team leader, so you just need to explain your idea and they will make it happen. Agencies are also much more reliable than freelancers and will provide you with long term technical support. Main disadvantage: pricing.

Developer’s location

It is not without meaning where your developers come from. Let me share with you some of the developers’ characteristics based mainly on my own experience.

The United States, Western Europe and Australia

Developers from these parts of the world know how to code. They can also provide you with excellent project leaders and you can be sure that they will deliver your project on time and without bugs. Unfortunately, their services are also extremely expensive.

Eastern Europe

Coders from eastern Europe in terms of skills can compete with the US or Australian developers. They do their job with passion, have a lot of experience and care about their clients. In countries like Poland, Ukraine, or Lithuania life is much cheaper than in, for example, western parts of Europe, and so are the development prices. Conclusion — you can have the highest level of service at a reasonable price.

Southern Asia

Living in this part of the world is relatively cheap, which allows you to buy an app for just a few dollars. Sounds great? Many clients would sometimes choose this option, but they would not always get what they expected. Unfortunately, many freelancers from these territories have little or no experience and your project may be even their first. The results may turn out not very satisfactory. By hiring the developer you got to be very careful and check his references first.

Where to search for software developers?

Searching for a development agency is easy. Simply type in Google what you need (for example: ‘mobile app developers Poland’) and you will get a list of most popular companies. Looking for a freelancer would be a bit harder. Luckily the Internet offers many web apps to connect developers with clients, a few examples:

On all of these webpages, you can add an advertisement in which you should describe your project and expectations from the team of freelancers. The developers will take it from there and if they can make your project happen they will just send you an offer. Contact more than one of them to compare prices, cooperation styles, and technologies they offer.

Now you know everything. It is time for your move in order to make your idea real!

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