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You’ll be a part of our exceptional, open-minded and experienced team.

Why would you love working with us?
Why would you love working with us?

Company is People

We are people, not positions. We’ve created a set of core values during all those years on the market (and even before). Those define our culture and affect our everyday work, team relations, and cooperation with our clients.


We’re an incredible team where integration happens instantly. We believe in collaboration without rigid structures, working with the entire team, including CEOs and CTO. Every individual and their ideas matter without judgment. We see challenges as opportunities for solutions, and if you ever feel stuck, the whole team is here to help.

Purpose & Growth

Passion drives us in everything we do, especially in the realm of technology – if you share this passion, you’ll be a perfect fit. Engage in complex and stimulating projects to enhance your experience and knowledge. Collaborate with companies worldwide, gaining valuable insights from diverse perspectives. We constantly expand our knowledge and sharing it with clients , creating collaborative solutions informed by industry insights.

Flexibility & Trust

We firmly believe that teamwork is the linchpin of our success. Trustworthiness and honesty are the cornerstones of our interactions. We know you may have your responsibilities (we love kids) – feel free to work remotely and flexibly.

Why do we love working with each other?
Why do we love working with each other?

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Need Assistance?
Need Assistance?

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Feel free to reach out to our excellent Head of HR for any additional queries or information.

We can guarantee you three things: a friendly atmosphere, challenging projects, and development. Be a part of it!

Joanna Wojdat

Head of HR