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Become a part of our outstanding supportive experienced open-minded
team and grow your skills

You won’t be just an employee, you’ll be a part of the team.

Company is people

Why you will love working with us

We love what we do and put our whole heart into it – if you love technology, you’ll fit us.

There are no problems – there are only solutions. If you are stuck, we all are here to help you.

Constant growing is crucial – we never stop investing in boosting our skills.

We work with companies all around the globe – it’s a great experience to work with so many different people.

We have complex and challenging projects – you’ll get experience and broaden your knowledge.

We are a team of amazing people – you’ll feel like a part of the team straight away.

We believe in cooperation, not structures – you work with the whole team, CEO & CTO as well.

Everyone matters, as well as your ideas – you can say what you think out loud, with no judgement.

We know you may have your responsibilities (we love kids) – feel free to work remotely and flexibly.

You'll immediately get on board and feel at home thanks to Joanna, our excellent HR Manager


What matters for us?

We’ve created a set of core values during all those years on the market (and even before). Those define our culture and affect our everyday work, team relations, and cooperation with our clients.

Teamwork is a key to success
Be trustworthy and honest
We are people, not positions
Aimed to reach the goal
Every day learn something new
Teamwork is a key to success
Be trustworthy and honest
We are pople, not positions
Aimed to reach the goal
Everyday learn something new

First job opportunities

If you just graduated and didn’t have any commercial experience, don’t worry! If you have some splendid uncommercial projects made by yourself, we want to meet you!

Contact our HR Manager to talk about joining the team.

Check what our recruitment process looks like

Recruitment process explained

Entry interview with HR

We want to meet you and know more about you than just read your resume.

Recruitment task

Let us see your work style and check if that's something we need.

Technical interview with CTO

This meeting is based on the completed recruitment task. Our CTO also tells you more about the technical part of the project.

Interview with CEO

Last step! This is the part where our candidate meets the CEO, and both talk about possible cooperation.


Welcome aboard!

Have a question or want more information? Contact our HR Manager!

TeaCoders’ opinions

Here's why we love working with each other

Check our open positions

Check our open positions


Below you’ll find answers to the frequently asked questions

That’s not a problem for us! Half of our team works fully remotely from different parts of Poland.

Of course, we try to take care of our candidates as much as possible. During the entry interview with HR you will be informed what the recruitment process will look like.

We can offer you different types of contracts depending on the position and the project.

No, you can dress up as you wish. Fyi – our TeaCode’s hoodies are very comfortable 😀

If there is no suitable position for you, please contact our HR Manager. Maybe together you will find something that matches your skills.

Our office is located in Warsaw, but about half of our team works fully remotely.

We have four teams: engineering, testing, project management and back-office.

There are few projects where Developers work directly with the client.

Don’t worry – if your project is due to end, we will offer you another project where you can smoothly start working. We focus on long term cooperation.

Our onboarding process consists of three parts. First is the meeting with the HR Manager to sign up the agreement and get all the access to our applications. Then there is the meeting with the CEO or CTO during which you will learn more about the company’s inside. The last step is the meeting with the team that you are going to join. From now on – you are a true TeaCoder.

We can guarantee you three things: a friendly atmosphere, challenging projects and development. Be a part of it!

Joanna Wojdat

HR Manager