40k Travel | Web app for mapping visited countries and ones to visit

40k | Web app for mapping visited countries and ones to visit

40k Travel App

Our clients were Ari and Max, who spent a lot of time travelling and wanted to build an app that would help them track their voyages around the world.

Industry: Travel
Company size: less than 10 Employees
Region: USA
Service: Progressive Web App
Project duration: Sept. - Oct. 2022
Team: Project Manager, Developer & Tech Lead, QA Engineer

Main goal

Ari and Max built 40k because it’s something they’ve always wanted for themselves – a way to memorize where they’ve already been to and share where they want to go in the future.

They chose the name 40k because the earth’s circumference is 40,000 kilometres (and that’s how the meter was initially defined, as a fraction of the distance around the earth). In their opinion, it’s interesting to think about circling the globe and seeing it come to life on a map.

Needs and requirements

40k was planned as an MVP. They needed to gather feedback and test whether there was a demand on the market for such a solution.

Currently, the app allows users to track which places they’ve visited, which are their favourites and where they would like to go in the future.

Users can build an app without registering, but it’s required if they want to save or share their maps through email and social media (Facebook & Instagram).

The app was to be simple and functional in order to fulfil the initial goal.

I appreciate the fast and direct communication with the team.

Ari Greenberg, 40k


The main challenge was connected with Instagram API. It performs well when it comes to sharing on mobile devices, but this functionality is unavailable on desktop.

Cooperation & Results

Our clients provided us with the main requirements for the app and designs. Our goal was to advise them according to the development possibilities, define the scope of work, build and test the app, as well as launch it to the market.

We delivered the app within two months.

Client's opinion

Teacode was able to scope the project, stay within a committed budget and work through some natural development changes. There was a transition between PMs that could have slowed us down- but it was very well managed, and we didn’t skip a beat. The MVP functions well and is allowing us to gain traction with users and investors.

They were a partner in development, completely organized, good communication, and transparent with pricing. We have worked with many engineering teams and will always go back to Teacode first.

Ari Greenberg, 40k