Closed Won

The client was a startup company in the United States that wanted to make outbound marketing campaigns more straightforward and efficient.

Industry: Marketing
Company size: 1-10 Employees
Region: USA
Service: web app, front-end, backend
Project duration: 9 months
Team: 2 developers + PM

Main goal

The client came to us with an idea of a campaign automation platform to make sending messages more effortless. ClosedWon should allow people not only to automate campaigns to the contacts they gathered by themselves but also provide them with detailed-tagged lead packages for purchase.

Leads should be reached via email and LinkedIn messages. This should be a fully automated process that allows one to save a lot of time and worry. ClosedWon also has a tool to arrange meetings in the form of a calendar with time slots that one can reserve for each call.

Client's needs

ClosedWon needed a web platform that allows its clients to build sophisticated campaign automation. Users should be able to set their automation path, including conditional rules. The system should send an email and LinkedIn messages to the contact base uploaded by the client.

Clients might also need to buy some leads on which they can perform their marketing campaigns. In such a case, they should be able to buy a lead package whom they can contact with. To make that happen, ClosedWon should have a clear and easily understandable filtering feature so clients could choose and pay for, e.g. only C-level managers from the Western United States.

To send email and LinkedIn messages, ClosedWon needed Gmail and LinkedIn integrations.

We built a web app for automated campaign building and an admin panel for users and lead management. The system fulfils all requirements for the project, including Gmail-based signup.


The ultimate challenge was uploading the contacts to the platform and formatting them to the specific records in the database.

The automation logic was a challenge, too. ClosedWon was to offer a complicated conditional logic that allows one to skip some steps or return to the previous ones.

The last but not least challenge was keeping performance smooth. Users might have thousands of contacts in the database, so we had to ensure that the app won’t crash because of overloaded.

Our solution

We built a web app for automated campaign building and an admin panel for users and lead management (uploaded and bought). The system fulfils all requirements for the project, including Gmail-based signup.

Our team built a solution that allows navigating through the contacts in the database without worsening the performance. The app got from the database only those contact that is already displayed on the screen. To make campaign preparation more straightforward, we developed a tag-based search engine so users can easily filter out a particular segment (e.g. C-level management in the healthcare industry).

Process & Cooperation

The client was fully aware of the industry and what they wanted to build. Although the client had a deep understanding of the business side of the project, they relied on us in the case of user experience, design and development. Some solutions were designed by us and then polished up during meetings. Together, we discussed and came to the best solutions.

The client came to us with designs, which were changed when new features were added. Usually, we modify the designs and then consult them with the client.


We developed a fully-featured ClosedWon app that allows users to upload or buy contacts and design and run marketing campaigns.

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