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MVP for SEM, SEO & AI-driven search campaigns optimisation

Street games solution
United States
10-50 Employees
2 experts
Developer, Project Manager
since X 2022
United States
10-50 employees
since X 2022
2 experts
Developer, Project Manager

The client & the app

Augurian is a well-established United States company that helps businesses with planning marketing strategies and running digital campaigns. Gainspot is their innovative MVP app built to support digital marketing experts in optimising their paid campaigns and increasing visibility on the Internet.

There are three main pillars of Gainspot:

SEM module helps to increase revenue from paid Google Ads campaigns thanks to the custom client’s convection-based algorithm.

SEO module shows revenue opportunities emerging from free (organic) search results and helps to boost traffic for particular pages.

ChatGPT Report is not available yet but is planned to provide an AI brand, competitor, and market monitoring solutions. It will help to understand (and therefore improve) visibility in chatGPT conversations. This innovative feature will be expanded on other AI-driven tools (like Bard). It’s officially announced on their landing page, but the feature is planned to be developed soon as a brand-new web app.

Our role and involvement

Gainspot was created based on the expertise and knowledge of our client’s team. When Augurian came to us, they had their web app in an early stage of development, but they were not satisfied with the way how the app was built and the overall result. Although they already had clients waiting for the beta testing, the release was constantly postponed.

They needed us to take over the project to improve the quality of the code. Our goal was to:

1. fix the app immediately to make it ready to be presented to the public, build

2. must-have features to run beta tests and

3. improve the app on an ongoing basis based on users’ feedback.

When we took over the app, it already had many features implemented. Apart from making the code clear and more scalable, we were to add a few crucial features necessary to release the app.

1. First, we needed to make the app multi-tenancy. The main goal was to allow users to see only their properties while administrators were able to see all of them.

2. We also updated the algorithm according to the client’s requests. It is the algorithm that brings value to the clients and helps them improve their efforts.

3. The third huge improvement was removing unnecessary data and deduplication.

However, from the very beginning, all the modifications were made, keeping in mind that the app was an MVP – more important is how the app works than how it looks.

Augurian is a unique client that understands what the term “MVP” stands for. That means they insist on developing crucial features only and not focusing on the visual side of the app. The ultimate goal is to make it functional and user-friendly. As they target marketing professionals, assume that this group can cope with raw numbers and KPIs instead of beautiful charts (at least for now, as we’re planning to implement this feature in the future).


Currently, the app allows to gain insights into and unleashe the whole potential of paid and organic traffic simply by connecting Google accounts. The app is still in the closed Beta version. However, new users are constantly being onboarded, including leading technology companies.

The main goal of the client at this stage is to gain as much feedback as possible and improve the app before they make it open to a broad audience.

The Process

We managed to implement all the changes and features necessary to release the beta version of the app. Since then, there have been two main tasks that we are currently handling: we’re still working on improving the quality of the code we received and implementing changes based on users’ feedback. At present, additional features are on the go, like visualisations, filters and dashboards that will make the app more user-friendly.

Since we took over the project, we never had any regular meetings scheduled. We work on a daily basis and keep communication smooth thanks to ad hoc meetings and messaging through Slack.

We gained trust from Augurian. We’re allowed to implement the requested solutions as we see them, keeping in mind the ultimate goal, which is building an MVP and expanding it while it becomes successful.