Heirlume was a well-established legal consulting company operating in the US and Canada. The company helps other companies to reserve and protect trademarks and branding.

Industry: Legal
Company size: 11-50 Employees
Region: US & Canada
Service: web app
Technologies: gatsby.js react.js
Team: 3 experts

Idea & needs

Main goal

Our client wanted to implement modern technologies into the website. The website must have been localization-specific. Depending on where the visitor is coming from, the site should load Canadian or US data. This solution should meet all the law regulations.

The client wanted to gain organic traffic from Google search, so the website should be designed with all SEO best practices. It should be easily accessible on desktop and mobile devices and provide a great user experience.

Heirlume also needed a custom trademark checking system. It should allow one to check whether the trademark is already taken. If not, it should enable reserving and buying the trademark protection and logo and company name. It should be easy and intuitive.

What app did the client need

Client's needs

To meet all requirements, our client needed to redevelop the website to show potential clients what a professional and reliable company Heirlume is. The former website was made using webflow, so it wasn’t easily customizable and Google search friendly. The new website should load quickly and be SEO well-optimized (from technical and user experience points of view). It should be based on a CMS solution to allow easy content change.

Heirlume needed us to rewrite and redesign the entire trademark checking experience to meet the goals. It should have been customized and tightly integrated with the website, the Heirlume database and payment services.

I was most impressed with their responsiveness. If I ever had a concern, I immediately heard from the CEO, CTO, or Gabriela, and things got addressed right away.

Sarah Ruest CTO, Heirlume

Potential issues


The main challenge was to create an app with highly customized web designs with many floating shapes. The main point was to make them look fine on web browsers on all kinds of mobile devices and in every possible resolution. That was quite a development challenge. We needed much testing on that point.

The second challenge was integrating a payment solution, the database and HubSpot. Our solution had to be secure, reliable and fast.

What we’ve done

Our solution

We have created a fast-working, SEO optimized website. The frontend was made from custom designs that look amazing on both desktop and mobile resolutions and work super fast thanks to using Gatsby.js technology.

We have implemented a trademark search that TeaCode.io developed. This solution needed a database connection and a custom search engine.

The checkout was connected with Stripe API to provide a secure and intuitive payment service.

We have integrated our solution with CMS to provide a user-friendly interface for content management.

How we did it

Technical process

In the beginning, we provided a landing page, which was therefore expanded and equipped with new functionalities like payment and trademark search.

Before releasing, we conducted quality assurance testing at each stage to ensure that the final product would be rock-solid.

Landing page
QA testing

The effect


We’re very happy with the website. It’s faster and the code is professional. The website is properly set up so it can scale as we grow. It’s maintainable, and we can add to it easily. TeaCode.io did an excellent job designing it. Their team met our designs and functionality requirements. I was able to interact with them and get feedback from and to them in a responsive way.

Sarah Ruest CTO, Heirlume

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