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An online pilates portal with video training for subscribers

1-10 employees
2 experts
III - VII 2020
1-10 employees
III - VII 2020
2 experts

Within first 3 weeks we gathered 40 subscribers what is really high score and big success of a common work.

Monika Głowacka

Owner, ProSSto Pilates

Main goal

The owners of Prossto decided to gain an advantage from digital media. They wanted to create a web portal that would allow people to take care of their physical condition despite the pandemic. They needed a platform where their clients could register to get access to instructional videos so they could exercise at home. They wanted the platform to be a customizable user area where they could find a training programme.

Client's needs

Prossto needed a platform created for hosting exercise videos. Users should be able to find suitable videos through filters, watch predefined programs and add their films to their planned or favourite videos. An admin should be able to connect videos into a programme concentrated around some theme – to learn how to breathe, fitness for beginners, etc.

The client also needed an admin panel. It should allow administrators to manage the movies, add new ones, describe them and join into programs. Each programme should be assigned to one or many categories that indicate the difficulty level, equipment needed and parts of a body trained.

Our client had a website, but it was a business card instead.


The ultimate challenge was the project itself. The client came to us with nothing more than an idea. We were responsible for the whole process – including conceptualization, user experience, interface design and further development, testing and deployment. We work in very close cooperation with Prossto.

Integrations are always a challenge. We integrated the website with stripe to provide users with secure payment possibilities and wistia for hosting videos.

Our solution

We had to create a brand new website from scratch to meet the goals. The website contains a landing page, a user area accessible after login, and an administrator panel to manage the videos and content.

We choose the react framework for the frontend and feathers.js for the backend. Those are reliable frameworks, and – what is more – feathers.js works smoothly with MongoDB. We had enormous know-how so that we could provide the best quality solution in no time.

For hosting the videos, we used wistia, so our client can easily add and modify the videos. Wistia also enables tracking which videos are the most popular and what content type the users are watching the most often.

We created two subscription models on this platform that one can use – monthly and yearly. The payment and invoicing procedures were designed to be handled by stripe.

Process & Cooperation

In the beginning, we had to describe the scope of work in detail, including the project steps, key deliverables, and technologies used.

The next step was pilates-online platform development, including project & design.

Having the platform backend, we provided wistia integration for video hosting and stripe integration to offer secure payments. We integrated the website with mailer lite integration to offer an easy but powerful email marketing tool.