Renoon is a global clothing company that offers eco-friendly clothes. Their main goal is to protect our environment by such everyday things as wearing clothes and spreading ecological awareness through their blog.

Industry: E-commerce
Service: WebApp
Technologies: next.js, react.js, redux
Project duration: III-IV 2020
Team: 2 experts

Idea & needs

Main goal

Our client had a mobile app but wanted to provide users with a multichannel experience with a web app. It should provide a possibility to search through the offers of thousands of clothing companies and find the best new and pre-owned sustainable options. Doing so saves you both time and effort as it is the technology that does the browsing through numerous websites for you in no time.

What app did the client need

Client's needs

Our client wanted to create a website that enables users to browse clothes, search for them, and filter them out. They wanted to provide a blog to increase eco-awareness among their clients.

The website was to be built according to the design of the mobile application. We had to integrate the website with the existing database.

The users should feel that they are buying natural and sustainable fashion from the first moment they enter the page. On the other hand, the design was supposed to stay modern and show the sustainable character of the shop.

We have created an eye-pleasing landing page that allows one to search through the offers of thousands of clothing companies and find the best new and pre-owned sustainable options.

Potential issues


The biggest challenge was a complicated system of filters that should be applied to the browser research. Another one was the integration with the existing database.

What we’ve done

Our solution

Our team created great graphic designs that showed the shop’s fresh, contemporary, and sustainable style and developed the entire front-end using React and Next.js. We decided to keep the designs simple to show the shop’s modern character. Still, we have also added several rounded corners and shadows to our components and kept the colours natural, refined and delicate (to bring nature and peace to users’ minds).

The platform’s main functionality was to search through over two thousand products to enable the user to find perfect clothes for them in no time. The API used by the client enabled searching via many fields but did not give them information on what filters were possible to use until getting all the data. Using next.js functionality, we fasten getting the data in the background. Thanks to that, we displayed all the available filters to the user right after entering the search page.

Renoon was created using the next.js framework, which allowed us to optimise the page for SEO and make it work fast and smoothly. We have also made a great effort to make the page highly responsive and easily accessible during login. The client wanted the login and sign-up to be quick and smooth, without too much data collected or unnecessarily long forms to fill. We have solved this problem by using an auth0 authorisation to enable the user to log in and sign in easier.

The client provided the back-end, and our task was to integrate our part of the project with it. Renoon decided to use WordPress for content creation, so our job was to prepare the page for any data and display it fitting the page design. We created styles using CSS selectors and then sanitised the data received from WordPress and included the content.

How we did it

Technical process

We provided our client with a fully functional web application. During the whole process, we provided Quality assurance testing.

After release, Renoon took the further development process on their shoulders.

Detailed scope of work
Platform development

The effect


Renoon is a modern platform for online shopping with eco-friendly and sustainable clothes, which consists of a landing page products list with search and filters. It also displays a blog about fashion and sustainability. The main functionality is searching for clothes (by categories, prices, brands or colours). This project consisted of an eye-pleasing web design with a unique browser and many other progressive features.

We have created an eye-pleasing landing page with new arrivals, featured blog articles and news about the fashion world, a blog with impressive articles and a fast garments browser. It allows one to search through the offers of thousands of clothing companies and find the best new and pre-owned sustainable options. By doing so, Renoon saves you both time and effort.

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