TBP2 | A modern landing page to promote HR reports as a Service

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The client is a well-established company in the United Kingdom which offers reports about salaries and benefits for C-level executives. The TBP2 company provides clients with a wide range of reports for large and enterprise companies.

Industry: Human Resources
Company size: less than 50 Employees
Region: United Kingdom
Service: UX/UI Design, Web App
Project duration: since X 2020 (ongoing)
Team: Project Manager, 4 developers, QA Engineer,

Main goal

The TBP2 had an outdated website that needed to be redeveloped. The new one was to be modern and professional by design and provide users with an exceptional experience.

With the redevelopment, the client needed to attract younger people looking for such services. To attract them, we were to develop a solution to provide potential customers with a product sample that encourages them to buy the full report for more information.

Our goal was to build a landing page for promoting the services and integrate it with a CMS and payment gateway.

Clients loved the new look website and commented on this.

Dominique Frith, Chief Executive Officer, TBP2 Ltd


The client came to us with the need to modernisation the page, but with no clear view on how to reach the goal. Hand in hand with the client, we conceptualised how the web app should look and perform.

Our solution

We’ve created a lightning-fast landing page with secure Stripe integration and an easy content management system.

Process & Cooperation

The client came to us with nothing but the need. The first step was to plan what we wanted to achieve and how.

We started with a workshop to build wireframes. The goal was to define what elements we needed on the website and why. We’ve done that hand in hand with the client.

Having wireframes, an external design team designed the app. When we received the designs, we organised another workshop to adjust them to the client’s needs and aesthetics.

When the final design was ready, the development team started to code the app and tested the outcome. When the app was ready, the client needed some time to learn the CMS system, so we took time to help them get to know the new tool.

When the client familiarised themself with the new tool and learnt its possibilities and limitations, we gathered the list of adjustments they wanted to make. After implementing those changes, the app was ready.


The cooperation with TBP2 has been smooth and successful. The app is working well, and it has needed only slight updates so far.

Now, we’re working with the client on expanding app functionality and implementing login features and backend logic.

Our staff are not IT literate and their staff were very impressive how they did not make us feel like we should understand IT language etc, they took the time for us to explain in our own words what needed doing.

Dominique Frith, Chief Executive Officer, TBP2 Ltd