Voicey | An iOS mobile app for connecting influencers and brands

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Voicey was a startup company from the Netherlands that wanted to make cooperation between brands and influencers more straightforward.

Industry: Marketing
Company size: less than 10 Employees
Region: Netherlands
Service: iOS mobile app
Project duration: VII 2017 - 2018

The Goal

When we started our cooperation, Voicey had a web app for brands and a large part of a mobile app for influencers developed. We were hired to take over the mobile app development, fix bugs and help them improve it to gain substantial funding.

The plan was that when they were founded, we were to develop a brand new Voicey app from scratch with custom designs. As they succeeded in gaining financial support, our cooperation continued.

Needs & requirements

Voicey wanted to develop a mobile app for influencers to make receiving and negotiating deals with brands easier. Brands were the ones who submitted proposals to particular influencers, and the latter could accept deals as they were or made counteroffers. In the case of questions, they could contact brands on chat.

Influencers should respond immediately as the offers were limited in time. For this reason, one of the crucial features was a real-time email or mobile notification system when a new deal was available.

If an influencer accepted the deal, they automatically received a task that contained the content to publish. There were two main content types available: stories and images, and the main platform to operate was Instagram. Although users could sign up using Facebook or Instagram accounts, connecting the latter was necessary to proceed with deals.

The app offered a wide range of details about influencers and their preferences that users could or had to add. They were able to specify not only their personal details (like name, email, phone, image, country, gender, and date of birth) but also professional aspects like areas of interest, range of costs for rewards or types of deals they can take. They also had to be able to set shipping and payment details and company info (if applicable). To make using the app as convenient as possible, all the data was saved automatically.

The Voicey app automatically verified whether the content was published and assigned rewards. It also provided stats on how many people clicked and engaged with the campaign and how many comments appeared under the content. In the app, influencers could also check their transactions list and payment history.

Nothing but love for these guys. Hard working bunch!

Eelco Guntlisbergen, Co-founder, Voicey


The main challenge was pixel-perfect development and animated content. The app was to look flawlessly on every device. We were also responsible for animations that were to be smooth on every device, including the least effective ones (including iPhone 5). We also developed from scratch a custom and animated price selector that allowed influencers to set the expected range for rewards.

We also developed a deep integration with Instagram to verify whether influencers fulfilled their deals and posted content as scheduled.

Another challenge was cooperation with the client’s backend developer and project management to unite efforts. We needed to develop smooth communication to effectively cope with problems like Instagram API limitations and stability issues.

Chat development was also a challenge as it had many features, were to work in real time, and users were to be notified about new messages.

Process & Cooperation

At the earliest stage of the project, we fixed and improved the app’s first version. We needed to re-code some parts of the app. As a result, Voicey received $250K in funding (according to Crunchbase), and we started the redevelopment process.

Project management was led by the client. We worked in one-week sprints, establishing tasks for the next week. Quality Assurance testing and backend development were conducted by the client, but we were responsible for the design.

We were a technical advisor for Voicey that was solely responsible for the business vision of the project. Together, we were looking for the best way for the project in terms of what features to implement and how to do that relatively straightforwardly and within the budget.