Custom software development solutions for medical & healthcare

Develop your app with our experienced skilled team of experts.

Custom software development solutions for medical & healthcare

Develop your app with our experienced skilled team of experts.

Service for healthcare

We empower medical professionals to innovate for better management and patient outcomes

We are a partner who helps healthcare services providers and startups use the full potential of digital technologies to automate processes, improve customer experience and exchange data securely.

Those solutions are widely used, so they have to benefit several users – patients, regular employees, care providers, vendors and healthcare companies and facilities.

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Our custom software solutions for healthcare

Remote real-time health monitoring and disease control
Sensor-enabled medical device software for monitoring vital health indicators such as sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing with wearable
Medical & non-medical devices integration
Predictions and anticipate the occurrence of health problems with notifications in advance
Smart Searches to Find Doctors
Online Appointment Booking
Treatment plans & medication tracking
Reminders and alerts
Personal health records, including lab results
Health education
Consultation summaries
Virtual doctors / automated consultations (questionaries)
Emergency Response Apps
Telemedicine & e-prescriptions
Secure communication and chatbot support
Habit trackers
Online Staff Training & Conferencing Platforms
Medical research storage (gathered in one place)
Recertification and training for doctors
All patient historical data access on demand
Smart & real-time diagnostics assistance
Data analysis, AI, ML, NLP, image recognition, BI
VR and AR healthcare software development
Electronic Patient Health Records Management systems
Integration of all data sources to store all patient information in one place
Chronic disease history
Laboratory history
e-prescriptions history
Medical images storage and description
Healthcare CRM
Omnichannel communication
Marketing campaign automation
Behavioural analytics and reporting
HL7 Service Apps (data transfer)
Hospital/health centres management systems
Healthcare supplies chain management
Equipment tracking
Logistics & vehicle tracking
Payment Management solutions
Revenue management
Doctors duties scheduling
Real-time data on health centres’ activity
Medical trends anticipation for better decision-making
Healthcare Supply Chain Software
Laboratory Information Management System
Insurance Claims Management Software
Appointments management
Processes automation
IoMT solutions for better management (humidity, temperature, lightning)
Warehouse/supply chain management
Information portals
Pharma manufacturing devices, data analytics, inventory, and supply chain management
Pharmacy management
Research Management Tools
Research analysis support

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Our solutions are


The development process doesn’t start with coding. It begins much earlier with requirements gathering, prototyping and designing. It is a crucial factor to software success – a poorly designed interface won’t attract any users and be the reason for failure.

Secure & privacy assuring

We know your industry must meet the highest data safety standards (HIPPA, GDPR, EHR, FDA). We include security solutions at the beginning stages of development, which are integral to the final product.


We are developing the medical system. We will take care of integrations with existing ones, so you have one centralized data source for better management and diagnosis.


We know you can grow, which means you need to serve more users without sacrificing quality. When designing solutions, we remember about the future so that they are easy to scale and reflect the development of your company.

We deliver custom solutions for

Web and desktop


Not sure where to start? Don't know what kind of app do you need?

We can help you to specify your needs.

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Why a medical application is a practical investment


Better predictions, advanced diagnosis and appropriate treatment due to patient history, wearables, and one centralized database of patients records.

Disease prevention

Constant health monitoring and prevention of chronic diseases using mobile devices, wearables and Artificial Intelligence.

Improved services

More accessible patient-doctor communication and online appointments using telemedicine, messaging apps, and patient portals.

Healthier life

Better insight into one’s health condition and increased health awareness to lead more health-aware life.

Customers’ engagement

Increased loyalty of commercial customers due to better communication, more effective engagement, and targeted marketing campaigns.

Training for professionals

Improved medical education for professionals having one place for training and medical science research source.

Secure data

The highest quality of data security and regulatory compliance, which meets strict data safety regulations.

Efficiency & cost reduction

Increased management efficiency with automated and streamlined processes and monitoring of healthcare supplies providers.

Better predictions

Predictions of future changes and taking advantage of the opportunities using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data solutions.

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Who can gain benefits from healthcare custom software

Healthcare institutions
Hospitals & clinics
Non-profit organizations
Pharmacies & drug stores
Health insurance companies
Individual professionals
Medical device manufacturers

What can we develop

Full product
Full-featured solutions are suitable for well-established companies and institutions who want to reach customers by another medium (e.g. mobile), need to redevelop existing software or need to optimize internal management or processes. We know how to deal with such an enormous scope of work. We work in sprints, step by step, developing the final product.
A minimum viable product is perfect for startups and businesses that need to evaluate the main idea behind the project. The goal is to quickly launch the app to the market and gain customers’ feedback. It can help estimate whether the final product is worth further development and what changes are needed, so it is successful. From that point, additional features are developed. We have experience in working with startups and creating MVPs. We contribute to developing ideas so you have the best outcome possible.
Team extension
If you already have a team and need to extend its capabilities or speed up the process, our development experts can join your company to support development. You do not waste time hiring and onboarding employees. You have our knowledge and experience that enhance your development process.

Not sure whether a custom app
is for you?

It’s easy to figure it out.

If some out-of-the-box solutions meet your expectations – stick to them! There is no reason for re-inventing the wheel.

However, consider developing your app if the above software lacks must-have features. It’s more expensive but opens you with a lot of new possibilities. The app will be unique and will help you to build your brand. Thanks to flexibility and scalability, you can adjust the app as your company grows. You don’t have to pay for features you don’t use (as it is when buying already-made solutions). Your app is tailor-made for you with only needed features. The development schedule and budget depend on you. What is more, you have support and maintenance. Further development is also possible if required.

Not entirely convinced? Together we can establish whether you need an app.

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Here's why you can rely on us


Legal compliance & security

We know the industry regulations, and we can apply this knowledge. We care about data safety and sensitive data protection according to HIPAA, EHR & GDPR Compliance.

End-user centred

When intuitive, an app is used efficiently, even for non-tech-savvy users. The technology behind it must be transparent and barely noticed to respond to end-users needs.

Big Data and BI experience

We have an experience in a large amount of data processing and reporting. We know what decision-makers need to make even better, future-oriented decisions.

Risk management

Our team of development experts provide well-designed, functional, and secure solutions. We conduct quality assurance testing throughout the process to identify bugs or complications and resolve them at the earliest stages.

Costs optimization

We know you may be on the budget. We continuously optimize our solutions to be cost-effective, so you receive the best quality within the budget.

Effective communication

We are for you whenever you need us – no matter the time zone. No matter what other companies say, you are an integral part of the process, so it’s obvious we have time for you.

Our healthcare clients

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Here’s why our clients are delighted with our cooperation

Our main goal is to build tailor-made apps that fulfil all end-users needs. Check what our clients said about how we managed to do that.


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