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What can we do for you?
What can we do for you?

Proficient in Building Tailored Mobile and Web Solutions for FinTech

At TeaCode, we understand the unique challenges facing FinTech companies in today’s ever-changing business landscape. That’s why we offer a full range of software development services to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Tailored Consultancy, Design & Development Services

We provide full-cycle FinTech software development, incorporating industry-specific expertise to meet rigorous finance technology standards. From initial concept to final deployment, we guide you through requirement gathering, system architecture design, compliance adherence, and post-launch support, delivering solutions that are both robust and compliant with healthcare regulations.

We go beyond traditional development, offering flexible team dynamics and project scope. Our staff augmentation services provide specialised talent to fill gaps in your teams, whether for a full project lifecycle or additional resources to meet critical milestones. Our dedicated team model aligns with your project needs and business goals, ensuring a partner committed to the precision and innovation of your FinTech solutions.

1. Discovery & Business Analysis

2. FinTech Solution Consulting Services

6. Integration With Third-Party Services

7. Maintenance and Optimisation

8. MVP Development

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Types of FinTech apps we make

Custom & Tailored Apps for the Financial Sector

Leading the charge in the FinTech revolution, we develop cutting-edge software solutions that transform the financial industry. Our proficiency encompasses everything from sophisticated financial management systems to streamlining transactional processes and ensuring robust data security. Specializing in digital banking platforms, blockchain technology integration, and AI-driven financial analytics, we empower financial professionals to deliver exceptional services.

With our bespoke FinTech software, we’re not just coding applications; we’re crafting the digital future of finance.

What do we offer?
What can we do for you?
Banking and Payment Solutions
Banking Software Development

Tailored online banking portals, mobile banking apps (e-banking), and open banking solutions.

Digital Wallets and Transaction Management

Digital wallets and expense management systems, online payment platforms, custom software for currency exchanges and stock purchases, and efficient lending management software.

Advanced Payment Systems

Robust billing, invoicing, payment and cashback solutions comprehensive transaction management.

Investment, Trading, and Wealth Management
Trading and Wealth Management Software

Customised web and mobile trading apps, wealth management tools, AI-powered investment advisors, and crypto asset management systems.

Personal Finance Management (PFM) Solutions

Innovative solutions for expense tracking, budget planning, and wealth management. Tailored solutions integrated with AI-driven personal finance advice, advanced stock market analytics, and seamless tax management.

Lending and Insurance Platforms
Insurance Software Development

Solutions focusing on claims management, risk assessment, and customer support.

Lending and Loan Management Systems

Lending management software, customer lending portals, P2P lending platforms, and mobile loan apps, along with automated credit scoring, and automated credit scoring technologies.

Compliance, Integration, and Financial Ecosystems
Regulatory and Compliance Solutions

Cryptocurrency software development, KYC/AML modules, user identification, monitoring and reporting instruments, along with blockchain software development.

Integrated Financial Services

Financial services marketplaces, crowdfunding portal development, document management systems (DMS), and business process management systems (BPMS).

Document and Process Management Systems

Solutions for document management, business process optimisation, and seamless data integration.

Provide users with exactly what they need
Provide users with exactly what they need

Enhance Your FinTech App with Custom Features

User Panels & Admin Portals
NFT Software Development & Mobile Payments
Voice Payment Technology & Biometric Data
Financial Planning & Transaction Tracking
Budget & Transaction Management
Automated Billing and Payment Processing
Online Banking and Appointment Scheduling
Loyalty Programs & External Systems Integration
Alerts & Notifications
Multilingual Support
Real-Time Chat & Communication
Digital Assistants & Chatbots
Data Analytics and Reporting
Privacy and Security Compliance

Unlock the Future of Payment Methods

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With whom do we cooperate?
With whom do we cooperate?

Tailored Software Solutions for Building, Growing, and Expanding in FinTech

We aim to provide customized solutions that expedite innovation, stimulate growth, and streamline operations throughout the FinTech landscape. Whether you’re in the initial stages of crafting a prototype, expanding your market presence, or enriching your service portfolio, we offer the technological expertise to transform your vision into a viable, market-leading reality. Join us in a collaborative partnership that goes beyond conventional boundaries, fostering progress and success in the realm of financial technology.


As a catalyst for startups in the FinTech sector, we specialize in turning your innovative concepts into concrete, market-ready software solutions. Our strategy involves forming a close partnership with you to comprehend your vision and the distinct challenges you encounter in the financial industry. We construct scalable, secure, and compliant platforms that enable swift market entry and establish the groundwork for future expansion.


During the evolution of your FinTech venture from startup to scale-up, our tailored software solutions offer robust support essential for managing and sustaining your growth. Recognizing that scale-ups demand heightened capabilities to address growing market demands and an expanding customer base, our team concentrates on scalability and integration. We design software that elevates your product offerings, streamlines operations, and preserves the agility necessary for swift adaptation and expansion.


For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the FinTech sector, teaming up with us empowers you to leverage the capabilities of custom software, ensuring your competitiveness and agility in a rapidly evolving industry. We provide solutions that optimize your operations, covering everything from financial transaction management to regulatory compliance. This enables you to focus on your core business objectives without being impeded by technological constraints. With our support, your SMB can not only compete but also emerge as a frontrunner in the dynamic FinTech landscape.

What do our customers think?
What do our customers think?
How will we work together?
How will we work together?

We Craft FinTech Digital Solutions with Financial Expertise

We combine our technological expertise with financial insights to develop software that meets the highest standards of FinTech innovation and user experience. Our process is meticulous and comprehensive, ensuring that every stage, from initial concept to final deployment, is carried out with exceptional precision. This results in robust, compliant, and customer-focused software solutions, precisely crafted to fulfill your specific financial technology requirements.

Discovery & Design

In the realm of FinTech, our development journey initiates with a comprehensive analytical phase, where user research profoundly influences our design strategy. Iterative user testing, informed by feedback from your target audience, refines our creation of a user-centric design.

This meticulous approach ensures that our FinTech applications go beyond mere functionality, offering engaging and intuitive user experiences tailored to meet real-world requirements and promote business success.

Development & Testing

Aligned with agile methodologies, we translate designs into robust, scalable applications while upholding the highest coding standards in the FinTech domain.

Utilizing sprint cycles, our team systematically develops features, subjecting each one to rigorous QA testing to ensure reliability and efficiency.

Embracing this dual-track approach not only enhances the software’s quality and reliability but also expedites time-to-market, ensuring the deployment readiness of a robust, user-validated product.

Deployment & Maintenance

Our deployment approach is both agile and meticulous, guaranteeing the release of your FinTech software with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency.

Following the launch, we transition into a proactive maintenance phase, offering continuous support, timely updates, and feature enhancements to keep your application at the forefront of innovation.

Upholding the highest standards of safety, our maintenance practices not only guarantee flawless operations but also integrate the latest security measures, fostering a secure financial environment amid the dynamic landscape of FinTech.

Why choose TeaCode over other FinTech app development companies?
Why is it worth working with us?

Empowering Innovative, Secure & Compliant FinTech Excellence

In the realm of financial technology, partnering with us signifies harnessing a blend of innovation, expertise, and unwavering dedication. Our focus extends beyond delivering a merely functional platform – we strive to provide a market-leading solution with user-centric designs and cutting-edge technology. Our tailored and scalable FinTech solutions are crafted to evolve alongside your business. Committed to responsive support and continuous improvement, we ensure that you are not only equipped to succeed but also poised to stand out in the dynamic digital landscape.

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With a step-by-step, flexible and agile approach, we deliver solution tailored to your business for your app’s success and your company’s growth.

Consultative and
proactive approach

Gain advantage from our dedicated, proactive and consultative approach that challenges the status quo for the best result, meeting all the industry regulations.


We keep the communication fast and open for easier collaboration, deeper understanding of your goals and better adaptation to your company.


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A cash-back app with bank integrations

A web app for online loan taking

Cash-back app with bank integrations

A web app for online loan taking

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