Innovative Digital Solutions for Transportation and Logistics

Build a custom, tailored and innovative digital transportation and logistics solution or scale your digital product by engaging our full-cycle development expertise.

What can we do for you?
What can we do for you?

Proficient in Crafting Bespoke Web and Mobile Solutions for Logistics and Transportation

Custom Transportation & Logistics Consultancy, Design & Development Services

Our product engineering expertise covers the complete lifecycle of digital product development, from initial idea to final launch and subsequent support. This ensures the creation of applications that are both state-of-the-art and in harmony with the unique identity of your brand.

Starting with an in-depth understanding of your business requirements, our agile methodology for developing apps from the ground up includes collaborative brainstorming, analysing market trends, and focusing on user-centered design principles. The outcome is the creation of intuitive, scalable, and engaging applications that not only enhance user interaction but also efficiently streamline your business processes.

When enhancing existing applications, we delve deeper than just making improvements. We evaluate the app’s performance, gather user feedback and analyse current market trends to pinpoint opportunities for innovation. Our approach to enhancement encompasses updating user interfaces with a modern touch, incorporating sophisticated features, and refining backend operations to boost speed and dependability.

1. Discovery & Business Analysis

2. Real Estate Solution Consulting Services

6. Integration With Third-Party Services

7. Maintenance and Optimisation

8. MVP Development

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Types of transportation and logistics apps we make
Types of real estate apps we make

Diverse App Solutions Tailored for Your Business

Our expertise spans a broad spectrum of bespoke digital solutions. From dynamic mobile apps to comprehensive web-based systems, we focus on creating solutions that enhance user experience, improve operational efficiency, and drive business growth.

Elevate your digital engagement and streamline your operations with our services, tailored to link your transportation offerings with contemporary consumers. Together, let’s pave the way for the future of transportation and logistics.

Digital Solutions for Delivery Services

Our digital solutions for delivery services are crafted to revolutionise the way you manage and execute deliveries. These solutions are designed to streamline the delivery process, from order placement to final drop-off, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Parcel tracking and managements apps for end-users
Digital solutions for parcel management & couriers
Load balancing and capacity planning apps
Cold chain logistics spps
Route planning and optimisation systems
Freight and cargo management apps
Vehicle Booking & Ride-sharing Systems

We create tailored, user-friendly solutions to modernise shared transportation by enhancing the experience for both drivers and passengers. These solutions not only cater to the growing demand for flexible transportation options but also support your business in expanding its reach and improving operational efficiency in the bustling world of vehicle booking and ride-sharing.

Taxi booking & ride sharing systems
Flight booking and management systems
Public transportation apps
eTicketing systems
Fleet Management

Our fleet management solutions are tailored to your business to optimise your vehicle operations, enhancing efficiency and oversight. Partnering with us ensures your fleet operations are streamlined and cost-effective, giving your business a competitive edge in logistics and transportation management.

Inventory tracking & management
Supply chain and warehouse management
Maintenance and repair tracking
Aviation maintenance and management apps
Fleet management and cost estimation systems
Security and Compliance Apps

Our tailored solutions bolster your internal security and compliance, ensuring your operations meet industry standards while simplifying complex regulatory tasks. Simultaneously, these custom apps can be scaled into SaaS products, providing you with an avenue to offer these vital services to other businesses in need of compliance solutions.

This approach not only strengthens your internal safeguards but also positions your business as a provider of essential, marketable compliance tools in the broader industry.

Audit & compliance apps
Emergency response and dispatch systems
Environmental impact tracking
Provide users with exactly what they need
Provide users with exactly what they need

Upgrade Your Transportation App with Tailored Customisations

Payment and Invoices System
Real-Time GPS Tracking
Route Optimisation
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Load Management
Driver Communication and Management
Predictive Maintenance Alerts
Incident Reporting
Real-Time Weather and Traffic Updates
Freight Brokerage Features
Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Compliance
Cross-border Logistics Support
What latest technologies can you implement?
What latest technologies can you implement?

Innovative Custom Software Solutions Strategically Crafted for Transportation Trailblazers

Our proficiency in custom software development transforms your technology into more than just a tool – it becomes a strategic asset finely tuned to your business goals, growth phase, and the specific challenges of the logistics and transportation industry. Together, let’s forge a digital future designed for your triumph.


For startups in the transportation and logistics sector, our custom software development services provide essential tools for growth and innovation. Our agile development approach allows us to rapidly adapt to your unique business needs, ensuring that your technology keeps pace with your growth and the evolving demands of the sector.

Partnering with us means gaining a technological edge that propels your startup forward, setting a strong foundation for success in the competitive world of transportation and logistics.


We understand that at this growth stage, your needs are evolving – requiring more robust, scalable solutions. Our expertise lies in enhancing your existing systems to handle increased operational demands efficiently, integrating advanced features like AI-driven route optimisation and comprehensive supply chain management.

We ensure your technology scales in tandem with your business, supporting enhanced capacity, improved operational efficiency, and superior customer service. Partnering with us equips your scale-up to not only manage growth effectively but also to innovate and lead in the rapidly advancing logistics sector.


We recognise the unique challenges SMBs face in this competitive industry and focus on creating scalable, easy-to-use software. Our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing processes, enhancing productivity without overwhelming your resources.

Partnering with us means gaining access to technology that not only meets your current needs but also supports your business as it grows and evolves in the dynamic world of transportation and logistics.

Navigate to Success in Logistics & Transportation

...and navigate your way to the forefront of the transportation sector!
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What do our customers think?
What do our customers think?
How will we work together?
How will we work together?

The Logistics App Development Process: From Initial Idea to Final Implementation

Our comprehensive approach to software development reflects our dedication to excellence in the realm of transportation technology. By overseeing each stage of the software lifecycle, we ensure the delivery of digital solutions that are not only robust and scalable but also precisely tailored to meet your business goals.

Discovery & Design

We begin with an in-depth discovery phase, where we delve into understanding your target audience and market needs.

This thorough research forms the backbone of our design strategy, ensuring that the resulting product is finely attuned to your users’ preferences and requirements.

This process is pivotal in creating engaging and intuitive digital experiences that effectively meet real-world demands and drive tangible business outcomes.

Development & Testing

Following agile methodologies, we transform our designs into durable, scalable applications, maintaining top-tier coding standards throughout the process.

Working in agile sprints, after a feature is developed, it’s rigorously tested by our quality assurance team to ensure its reliability and functionality.

This iterative cycle of development and testing is crucial in creating apps that are high-performing and resilient over time.

Deployment & Maintenance

Our process guarantees a smooth transition from the development phase to live operations through careful and strategic deployment, prioritising zero downtime for a continuous user experience.

Then, we focus on maintenance. This involves constant monitoring, regular updates, precise fine-tuning, and expanding the application’s functionality to adapt to changing needs. This ensures sustained performance and robust security, keeping your application resilient and efficient.

Why choose TeaCode over other transportation app development companies?
Why is it worth working with us?

Fostering Your Growth, Committed to Your Success

Our pledge? To constantly challenge the status quo, break new ground, and consistently deliver outstanding results. Embark on a partnership where your goals become our benchmarks, where we meet every obstacle with resolve, and where your triumphs intertwine with our legacy. We do more than just create solutions; we craft extraordinary experiences.


With a step-by-step, flexible and agile approach, we deliver solution tailored to your business for your app’s success and your company’s growth.

Consultative and
proactive approach

Gain advantage from our dedicated, proactive and consultative approach that challenges the status quo for the best result.


We keep the communication fast and open for easier collaboration, deeper understanding of your goals and better adaptation to your company.


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A platform to streamline the aviation audit process

An app for managing scooter deployment across Europe

A platform to streamline the aviation audit process

An app for managing scooter deployment across Europe

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