Buzzin | A touchless visitor management solution


Buzzin was a startup company from the United Arab Emirates that wanted to address the current pandemic needs.

Industry: Real Estate
Company size: Startup
Region: United Arab Emirates
Service: Web App, Mobile App, Front-end, Backend
Technologies: React Native, React.js, Next.js, Swift
Project duration: since August 2020 (ongoing)
Team: 4 developers

Main goal

When the pandemic started in 2019, direct personal contact became life-threatening. Our client found a way to significantly reduce the risk of falling ill thanks to a touchless access system for buildings and estates. That prevented people from touching potentially contaminated surfaces and decreased the hazard.

It was a unique solution that would allow for the access and entry tracking of different people in various buildings in a contactless manner. Our goal was to provide the concept of the solution and develop it. Buzzin was thought to enable people to track visitors and their IDs contactless without the need to hire a designated person for this job. It would be easier and safer.

Buzzin came to us with nothing but an idea. We considered this project unique because of its high social value: it addressed the current pandemic needs. It was planned to start in the United Arab Emirates market and then spread all over the global market.

Client's needs

We were to build a system for estate and building management that will allow their residents to provide access to specific people at a particular time. Property owners or managers should also be able to control the whole process and provide authorisations.

The system should work in real-time, communicate with other devices, allow to identify of each user and handle tokens that guarantee access within a specified time. The entrance should be available using QR codes and a proximity system (NFC).

The solution developed by is bug-free, and everything works well.

Nasser Fawaz Founder & CEO, Buzzin

Potential issues


The challenge was to use NFC to open doors in a contactless manner. We had to find a way to implement this solution to allow us to send data between iOS and Android devices using NFC.

The usage of short-period QR codes was also a challenge. We had to enable the building access using QR codes that would work only for a short time and allow one to enter the building with a mobile phone.

We had to create a tracking algorithm that allowed us to safely give, take away and control access to the buildings. It had to be able to distinguish and command five different types of entries.

We had to create an NDEF message algorithm to create inquiries in Java language for Mifare Ultralight and Felica-type cards.

What we’ve done

Our solution

To fulfil the goal, we built:

– web app with a management panel for owners/managers of the residential area to control the process and assign authorisations

– mobile app for the residents, visitors and deliveries

– web app with a panel for deliveries

– web app with an admin panel for data analysis and overall system management

– web app for QR codes and self-check-in

We built web and mobile applications NFC and QR-ready. We integrated devices using an appropriate algorithm that sends a control message to the NFC reader. We designed the solution to enable cycle changes, provide security, and limit access to unauthorised people.

The building managers’ app allowed managing the whole system and residents. Residents were able to invite other users as guests (their friends, family or service providers) and guarantee access to them.

We also built a solution for automatic entry allowance after recognising plates.

Process & Cooperation

We started with mockups taking into account user experience, and then our clients’ designer provided the User Interface project. Based on them, we developed front-end and backend solutions for every kind of device and conducted quality assurance testing. When we were confident the system worked as planned, the client received the system for testing.


We provided the client with a fully-functional system, ready to operate on a large scale. The Buzzin system is currently used by many users worldwide.

It grants digital access to visitors without the hassle of any physical registration or use of plastic cards. It’s swift, contactless, and provides access through the touch of a button via a smartphone.

The system is also a perfect solution for commercial buildings as an entrance monitoring system with no need for plastic card usage.

After some adjustments, we released mobile applications, web applications and an admin panel which cooperated and functioned with each other very well. We are creating new functionalities, implementing new features to Buzzin, and starting with a new side project with this client.

The solution developed by is bug-free, and everything works well. We’ve only had one incident, but it was caused by third-party integration. Still, whenever they find issues, they quickly solve them.

Nasser Fawaz Founder & CEO, Buzzin is trustworthy, professional, and transparent. They never try to hide things, so we’ve established a good sense of trust and comfort, which makes me feel that I’m working with the right team.

Nasser Fawaz Founder & CEO, Buzzin