Extend your team with our software development experts

Gain advantage from our experience knowledge skills , start immediately and reduce recruitment costs.

Extend your team with our software development experts

Gain advantage from our experience knowledge skills , start immediately and reduce recruitment costs.


Staff augmentation services

Nowadays, it’s a challenge to find an experienced developer with appropriate skills and for an affordable price. Recruitment processes are time-consuming and last not weeks but months.

It’s essential when you need a developer with particular skills just for a while to do some tasks from backlog. The best solution for you might be a staff augmentation.

Hiring a developer for your team from a development company allows you to extend the team immediately with someone who has already done similar projects to yours.

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Choose the best team

Why our developers are the best choice for you

High-quality talents

Hiring TeaCode developers, you’re hiring top industry talents who developed dozens of projects which conquered the market. Our team comprises various seniority development experts, including advanced senior developers. Your team is dedicated to your projects solely.

High standards

We have high expectations from our developers. We set high promotion standards. While developers with three years of experience are considered “senior devs” in many companies, in TeaCode, they are still “middle devs”. We invest in the best competence in industry and long-term contracts.

You can handpick the developer

You can choose the best developer that suits your needs, principles and company culture. We’ll share a shortlist of your experts from which you can select the one who will join your internal team.

Proactive contribution

TeaCoders don’t just write code. We’re contributing to developing ideas and solutions. We treat each project like it would be our own and think in categories of business value. Your success is our success, too, so we do our best to make the best project your end users have ever seen.

You have a full control

You can easily manage the engagement of our developers in your project. You may engage them full-time or hire them when you need particular skills and backgrounds. It’s all up to you. You’re in charge.

Our experts, your team

When hired, our developers become a part of your team like they were on remote work. You have direct and constant contact with them as a part of your development team.


react native

Check what we can do for your industry

How can a staff augmentation service affect your business?

Scale your team in no time

You can hire our experienced developers without losing time in the recruitment process. You can extend your team immediately and scale the augmented team according to your needs. In addition, if you don’t need some stuff temporarily (or anymore), you don’t need to pay their salary.

The experienced team at your fingertips

Hiring TeaCoders, you’re hiring the best developers who have done dozens of successful projects. We invest in our team, building their competencies by training. If you need to hire developers with specific skill sets, you’re sure you’re hiring the best ones.

Gain needed knowledge

With new people, you can provide your team with new competencies and experience, which benefits all teammates (they can learn from each other working together).

Save money

Hiring a dedicated team is more economical than creating a full-competency internal department. You save money on renting office space, providing equipment, training, monthly salary and employee benefits (paid leave, sick leave etc.) – we take care of that.

Read more about the benefits and disadvantages of staff augmentation

Team extension

What talents you can hire

Project manager
Front-end developers (react, next)
Backend developers (node, nest, AWS)
QA Engineer

When it’s worth considering staff augmentation

This solution is for you if you

Need to broaden the knowledge and experience of your team.

Have a tight project deadline.

Need development experts immediately (especially if you’re a startup).

Want to manage the team.

Not sure whether staff augmentation is the solution for you?

If you have an internal team and need to extend its knowledge and skills or just need another guy (or even a whole team) to support your project, it’s a good choice. This developer becomes a part of your team and is managed by you.

On the other hand, outsourcing software development might be better if you don’t want to manage the team and need help with project management. A developer of your choice may cooperate with your existing internal team but take overall project management.

Are you still hesitating? Drop us a line, and together we will establish your needs.

Our clients

What our clients say

Here’s why our clients are delighted with our cooperation

Our main goal is to build tailor-made apps that fulfil all end-users needs. Check what our clients said about how we managed to do that.

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We’re ready to talk about your idea to bring it to life. It does not matter whether you have just a vague image of the final app or you’ve perfectly conceptualized it already, and it does not matter. Share your idea with us, and together we will bring it to life so you can reach your business goals.

Let’s develop your success!


years on the market







Staff augmentation

That’s how we can help you to extend your team

Gathering requirements
Talent selection
Team extended

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't hesitate to ask if you

have a question

Below you’ll find answers to the most common ones.

Ask Us a Question

If you have any questions not answered here, send us a message. We’ll do our best to dispel your doubts.

Search some reliable sources like Clutch or GoodFirms, check Google, and ask your friends. Remember always verify the company you’re considering as a potential contractor. You’ll find hints on choosing the best software developer on our blog.

That depends on what you’re looking for, but you’ll find the best ratio of price to value in Western Europe. We are from Poland, and we know what we’re saying!
Read more about software outsourcing destinations on our blog.

That depends on your goals. You will probably extend your team if you already have a team and need a skilled developer.

However, if you’re about to start a project and don’t have an internal team, you might want to outsource software development. You can entirely rely on a contractor (software outsourcing) or manage the crew by yourself (dedicated team).

If you’re wondering whether to build your internal team or outsource software development, check our blog article on this point.

If you hire a developer for an internal team, you’ll manage him as the rest of your employees. That means you have control over their job (as well as having a dedicated team).

That depends on your goals. If you need a developer to make a particular project, you’ll be charged for its scope of work. But if you need someone to join your team long-term like a regular team member, you’ll pay for working hours.


Yes. We can sign an NDA if the project needs this.

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