Mobile app development is about creating apps that end-users love

Develop your app with our experienced skilled
team of experts

Mobile app development is about creating apps that end-users love

Develop your app with our experienced skilled team of experts.

Full-cycle mobile app development service

Together we'll build the best app your users have ever used!

If you consider a tailor-made mobile app, off-the-shelf solutions are not enough for you. But probably you are wondering whether the outcome will be worth all those money and effort?

We know the development process may be overwhelming. You need a well-thought app developed in no time. It must be rock-solid, quickly loading, perfectly designed and user-oriented.

If you need to redevelop the solution, it’s pretty straightforward – we know what to expect based on existing data. But when you just started and need the first app – we need to make sure the users need it and will love it.


Don’t worry. We can handle it.

They entrusted us with mobile app development

What our clients say about an outcome and cooperation

Here’s why our clients are delighted with our cooperation

Our main goal is to build tailor-made apps that fulfil all end-users needs. Check what our clients said about how we managed to do that.

Check what we can do for your industry

We build apps for various industries



Social media


Communication and Social Networking

Communication & Social Networking

Entertainment & media

Entertainment & media



Finance and banking

Finance & banking




Hospitality & Food









We are a team of people whom you can trust

Here's why you can rely on us

Proficiency in mobile technologies

Our development experts can bring to life almost every idea and integrate the app with all solutions available on the market.

Business-oriented approach

Developing an app, we consider software’s impact on your business. We care about your end goal and make efforts to help you reach it. The solution must bring value to your business.

User-experience first

We know user experience is crucial when it comes to mobile app development. Users are more demanding while using their mobile devices than web apps. It must be easy-accessible, excellently planned, and quickly loaded.

High-quality solutions

We put our whole heart, knowledge and experience into what we do. That means we accept only the best solutions possible, with no exceptions. We will develop your solution like it was ours.

Full-cycle development & contribution

We are a part of the development process. We will help you to choose technology and contribute to developing ideas and solutions to improve the outcome and make the end-user experience even better

Communication first

We believe that communication is one of the success’ key factors. We will be for you if you need an explanation, consultation, or even advice. No matter the time zone.


years on the market







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The custom mobile app development process

What can you expect after contacting us?

Requirements & estimation

First, we need to understand your project to prepare an accurate estimation.


We'll plan our work, identify possible challenges and ensure there is possible to fulfil all requirements.


We'll design your app, make an interactive prototype and prepare system architecture.


Our developers will bring your app to life, creating front-end and backend.


Quality Assurance Engineers are making sure that the app functions as planned.

Deployment & maintenance

When ready, your app will be launched and maintained. We'll develop additional features if planned.

Are you ready to build an app that will amaze your clients?

A mobile phone is an everyday companion, and so is the mobile app. Together we can create a fantastic app that your customers deserve.

Choose wisely the team you will be working with, and don’t waste your budget.

Let’s meet and talk about your users’ needs.

It’s all about User Experience

The perfect app is...


the simpler processes are, the better

User oriented

we always put end-users first


people do not want to wait; the app must be an as fast as lightning


your app must work as planned no matter what, with no crash screens


get ready to handle millions of users without significant effort

The first step to your business’ growth

How can a custom mobile app boost your business?

According to the BBC, people spend almost 5 hours daily using their mobile devices and over 90% on apps. It is a third of waking time. Using mobile apps is more straightforward, more convenient and… creates a wide range of opportunities for companies that keep up with the trends.

The app creates an excellent opportunity for communication with potential clients. When they have an app installed, possibilities are almost limitless. You can immediately engage them in relevant marketing campaigns or gamification and keep them informed using notifications.

Because of the communication opportunities, you can make your clients more loyal. You can make a special offer when there have been no purchases for a while. You can survey to determine what your clients think about your brand and what you can improve in customer service to give them exactly what they need.

Brand awareness is key to boosting your profitability. Thanks to targeted communication and relevant content, you can constantly remind customers of your brand and create preferred associations.

According to business insider, in 2025, 44.2% of retail eCommerce sales in the US will be made on mobile devices. A well-designed, accessible user-centric app can boost sales and increase revenue.

Aside from all pros mentioned above, an app allows you to collect more data than any website. That gives you insight into how your app is used (even offline), more accurate customer data, and specific advert targeting. Moreover, thanks to additional functions (like localisation), you can give your customers relevant tips exactly when they need them (for example, when they are near your shop).

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't hesitate to ask if you have a question

Below you’ll find answers to the most common ones.

Ask Us a Question

If you have any questions not answered here, send us a message. We’ll do our best to dispel your doubts.

There’s no one simple answer. That depends on your goals. If you don’t know from what to start, contact us. We’ll help you to choose the best solution for your business.

The mobile development cost varies depending on the app type, needed features and deadline. The location of your contractor is also a price factor (read more about how destinations affect costs).

That depends. If the app is a simple MVP, 600 hours might be enough. However, more complex solutions are more time-consuming. Contact us to find out how much it takes to build your app.

You’ll have constant contact with our Project Manager, so you’ll be up-to-date.

Yes, we will.

Enterprise apps are mainly focused on improving the effectiveness of internal processes, managing the company and making the work easier. But those apps are focused on end-users as well.

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      Your data is processed by TeaCode (Postępu 15, 7th floor, 02-676 Warsaw) to reply to your message and - if specified - to send you relevant content via newsletter (from which you can unsubscribe at any time). You can read more in our Privacy Policy.

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