Why Do Start-Ups Need Full-Stack Developers?

This article proves why, despite the fact that it is really hard to find a good developer, going full-stack is one of the best and safest options for start-ups available on the market.

Michał Pierzchlewicz
Michał Pierzchlewicz

When starting a new tech start-up you will face many hard decisions. Making the choice of what developers to hire will be one of them. It is a well-known fact that good developers are hard to find…

In this short text, I will show why should you consider working with full-stack JavaScript developers.

1. Headcount

The solution you are trying to build may very likely consist of multiple elements like back-end, front-end, mobile app and others. Should you hire a developer specializing in each? 4–5 people? Hiring 1–3 full-stack developers help you keep your headcount down, cut down on costs and minimize the time needed for managing them.

2. Someone's not an expert. Is that ok?

Noone is (by definition) perfect in everything they do. In the same sense, you must not expect a full-stack developer to be an expert in each language and technology. What they do have instead is flexibility. They solve your problems at multiple levels. Building a highly scalable solution can be achieved slowly as your business grows and your revenue increases.

3. Ability to grow together with your business

It is important that those working with you share your vision. Having a full-stack developer grow along with your company will deliver much greater benefits in the long run. They can help you employ new developers or deliver the objective needs to the engineers in the correct ‘technical manner’.

4. Do you need an architect?

This may be the most important of all the above. Usually, your startup will be trying to build something new. You will need someone who will be capable of designing the architecture of the whole system. To be able to do this well, you need someone who understands all the challenges that come with different technologies and can help you make the right choices.


In the above four points, I present you the main reasons why I believe full-stack developers are crucial for your start-up. At TeaCode we work with multiple start-ups and strongly believe that full-stack developers are the best at getting the job done and help our clients develop their product, even from the very zero.

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