10 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Software
Table of content
  1. No need to employ anyone full-time
  2. Software development outsourcing is money efficient
  3. Time efficiency
  4. Great expertise
  5. Better equipment?
  6. Scalability of a dedicated team
  7. Global expertise – outsourced straight to your region!
  8. Good communication within the team of outsourcing software developers
  9. The flexibility of the outsourcing company
  10. Software outsourcing vs. work continuity
  11. To conclude…

Do you have a great idea for a business based on the web that needs to be taken care of? Are you the CEO of your company and wish to be open to new things and do something innovative? Are you an entrepreneur startup that wishes to have their app done smoothly and quickly? Well, these are only a few cases when outsourcing software development for a start-up proves more than effective. Let’s have a look at our top 10 reasons why you should outsource software of your start-up:

No need to employ anyone full-time

Being a start-up usually equals being a relatively small company with not too many job positions (not to even mention funding that is vital to be spent on more important things than a web developer vacancy). Short-term employment of professionals is a perfect solution for start-ups as you don’t have to be your company’s HR manager and go through the recruitment process with so many candidates; you don’t have to create a new vacancy just for the reason of creating and maintaining a website or an application. This also equals less bureaucracy that you have to go through and saving money on the expenses such as tax payments or having to sustain the position you’ve created.

Once you sign a contract with an outsourcing company, their software development team will be reachable within a very short period of time (hours, even minutes if something urgent happens). It will be also easy to hop back on the cooperation you’ve put on hold (because of either lack of funding or the fact that they’ve done their job and you had nothing going on for them anymore) and start a new project with the outsourced team services without any new unnecessary hiring process.

Software development outsourcing is money efficient

Outsourcing software development in a start-up is a great way of cutting down the costs via the already mentioned option of part-time or short-term employment. Salary is not the only ‘cost’ you come across while hiring a new employee. You have to provide them with office space, a laptop to work on, health insurance, pieces of training and many more. Moreover, choosing this way of cooperation the employer pays only for what he needs at the very time (that is, outsourcing software development may be conducted in very short dynamic periods of time – depending on your project’s needs – and continued later on in the year when you need more assistance once again).

Money efficiency also comes in the person of the very programmer himself. Thanks to the specific industry knowledge they have, they know good ways of saving their own time and your money. This can be done so via the use of specific technologies or development shortcuts, such as, respectively, React Native (which allows one to rapidly create an app for both Android and iOS with the use of one and the same code) and Ant Designs (which are ready-to-use excerpts of code that speed up the development process and cut down project’s costs).

Moreover, you may also save money on outsourcing while choosing particular areas of the world as, depending on locations, the hourly price for outsourcing software may differ to a great extent. However, you need to remember that going for the cheapest option is never the best thing you could do because together with a lower price there usually comes a worse service quality. Be clever and witty. Choose cost-effectiveness.

Time efficiency

Not only outsourcing companies but also start-ups and most of the other businesses strongly rely on the relation between cost and time. Thanks to saving a lot of their own time, the business owner can focus on their schedule and the more important tasks instead of having to worry about the management of the team or going through the long recruitment process. Having time for you, your firm, your employees and your client is highly vital and you should know about it best.

Moreover, while hiring an outsourcing unity you may be nearly sure that the work on your project will start rather quickly and smoothly and it is an additional pro compared to the long recruitment process.

Great expertise

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As outsourcing software development allows you to hire specialists in their very field it means that you gain access to great experience, knowledge and the latest technical novelties within the software industry. It is very important that you do some very good research beforehand and choose the company or a freelancer that perfectly suits your dream tech-stack is willing to adapt themselves or proposes another technology or framework that will suit your needs well. This is the most vital in the case of a start-up as it is really difficult to run a good race after tripping at the very beginning.

Better equipment?

As all the software work will be done by developers that specialize in software development they will, most likely, have the best equipment on site (this way you do not have to buy it yourself!) and the knowledge needed to complete the tasks. They will be also up-to-date with all the latest industry news and tools that may come in handy. No need to spend money for it all yourself!

Scalability of a dedicated team

For some people, it may be very obvious that it is very important to have some room for manoeuvre within your team as the project develops. There are so many sensitive points along the route that may lead to very dynamic changes within the project itself, its budget or the amount of work that needs to be done. During your cooperation with an outsourcing business partner, you will be provided with several professionals to choose from – the skills and benefits of each one of them will be slightly different. This way you will be able to adjust the outsourcing team exactly to the needs of your project.

Global expertise – outsourced straight to your region!

Offshore software development services allow people around the world to get access to a great balance of great skills or benefits and rates within one’s budget. The vast variety of choices means that one is not limited to a nearby talent pool, which is not always as good/as budget-friendly/as quick/as tech-stack friendly as somewhere else around the globe.

Thanks to outsourcing you can look beyond the geolocation restraints and gain access to skilled professionals hundreds or thousands of kilometres away.

Good communication within the team of outsourcing software developers

While choosing offshore software development services, you usually have at least a few professional development teams to choose from. The people outsourcing your software will be the most likely some in house employees or coworkers that have known each other for quite some time. Thanks to knowing one another well they can support each other way better than partners that have just been introduced to each other. Moreover, a well-oiled team communicates better, knows their strengths and weaknesses, can easily take care of problems or substitute other’s skills once in need. Instead of the time-consuming process of getting to know each other, they can focus on your long term goals and all the offshore benefits they can provide you with.

An additional asset is no warm-up time. A well-knit team equals no problems with the new workplace, new people, new team, new device, new technology. They only need to get familiar with you, your project and the technical documentation. Then they can sit down to their tasks straight away, splitting the outsourced tasks between the people who will know their way around them best.

The flexibility of the outsourcing company

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Working in a team means a great deal of flexibility when it comes to one’s skills and availability. Thanks to the possibility of working remotely, co-workers from the outsourcing team can easily help and substitute for each other in times of need. Moreover, this solution gives one great flexibility when it comes to the working hours as the remote employees do not usually have fixed working terms like most of us.

Another thing proving how much flexibility outsourcing software development gives one is the freedom of part-time employment. So, one not only does not need to create a new vacancy but also they can arrange the contract for, for example, only 15 hours a week. It allows you to reduce expenses or fix a budget hole. It also allows one to lower the amount of time the team works for one weekly or monthly, for example, when the start-up hits the low season or one has some troubles with funding. Thanks to outsourcing software development one does not have to fire anybody in such a case which makes everything easier. Your outsourcing vendor development team will be always there to jump on your project (once you found a reliable software development company, of course. For tips on how to do this jump to our article on how to find great offshore development services and avoid the risk of low-quality code).

Software outsourcing vs. work continuity

Outsourcing very often prevents work interruption and unnecessary pauses caused by any personal reasons that could possibly come up. Software development companies usually have a great variety of choices when it comes to reliable developers that they delegate to your own personal team. This means that there is always someone else out there who can come in and help in terms of IT services when your “regular” outsourcing worker is ill or has to take some unexpected time off.

To conclude…

These are our top 10 reasons why you should outsource the software for your start-up – you can rely on them in times of need. If you are reading this, you are probably facing a very difficult dilemma are in need of making an important decision. We are having our fingers crossed for you!

And if you need any help with the topic of software development outsourcing in general, or are struggling where to outsource software development from, you should visit our blog and our software outsourcing section. We hope that it will be of help to you!

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